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Elbury are a five-piece original alternative-folk act from Brisbane, with a repertoire that at times verges on rock but also lots of singer-songwriter tunes, a few piano ballads and some fun, upbeat numbers. Musicianship is a big focus for the band – weaving together layers of guitar and piano to create lush sonic textures. All five members sing at times, so there is lots of vocal harmony and variation throughout the live show to keep the audience engaged. The team hail from diverse musical backgrounds – a Nick Cave man, a prog-rocker, singer-songwriters and indie-fans – and everyone adds their own special twist to the mix. In 2021, Elbury released three new music videos and their second full-length album – A Life in Stages.

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Bookings and enquiries:  Edward Buckridge.  0411 496 792.




Passport (2021)

Heroes & Villains (2021)

Past Life Memories (2017)

Burnt (live @ Sphinx Rock Cafe)