Babies and world travel opportunities popped up in 2018 and, before we knew it, the year was gone!  The time was well-spent, though – we have a folder (well, a virtual folder…) full of songs for a new album and, as 2019 kicks off, we are starting to look for a producer to all us all into shape and make the magic happen!

After too long out of the live scene, we took a road trip down to Mt Burrell in February to play a lunchtime show at the Sphinx Rock Cafe. It was great – new tunes and old stuff all went over really well with the crowd and we’re already making plans for a return visit.  Have a look at a couple of clips from the day below.  These are both new tunes vying for a spot on the next album – Burnt and Story of Your Life.  Enjoy!

Elbury – Burnt (Live at Sphinx Rock Cafe) (2019)


Elbury – Story of Your Life (Live at Sphinx Rock Cafe) (2019)