As we enter the home stretch on this super-extended, pandemic-disrupted, always-second-guessing, second album project, the time has come to release Passport into the wild. Passport was the last song written for the album, sneaking onto the track listing when it was still incomplete, but with enough promise to win a spot.

Lyrically ambiguous but evoking a feeling of being lost in your old haunts, unable to find your way back home. In the end, Passport is about trying to make a journey back to somewhere in the past – but that could be a place, a time in your life, a state of mind. Elbury bassist and film-enthusiast, Luke, took up the task of bringing these feelings to the screen, and put together a music video through the course of 2021.

The video presents a simple trip on a suburban train as a metaphor for a more personal or spiritual journey, with the protagonist seemingly contemplating some other destination. Through dream-like sequences, the faces of colourful personalities in our Brisbane communities blend in and out. They progress through their personal vignette – most of which were improvised – and disappear from view.

The idea was to capture their reactions, in reflective moments, spurred on by either hearing the song or having it explained to them. Each person was invited to design their own moment, and we were looking more for the instant emotional impact than a pre-planned shot.

Armed with a handy camera to truly capture the spontaneity of every person’s “moment”, we bore witness to the possibility of all being included on that journey of reflection.